Tesla, celebrates 1M electric cars built

Tesla, Elon Musk celebrate 1M electric cars built
1 millionth Tesla, a Model Y

I wonder who will take delivery of this special car?

Elon Musk

Tesla and its CEO Elon Musk celebrated an achievement on Monday as the startup carmaker turned EV powerhouse declared it’s constructed one million vehicles.

In a quick and painless celebratory tweet, Musk saluted the Tesla group on the accomplishment and shared two photographs: one of the achievement vehicle, a Model Y, and one more of the workforce constructing the EVs.

Elon musk didn’t promptly react when requested extra remark on the accomplishment.

The firm short history started with an electric games vehicle, the first Roadster. The organization moved to an electric extravagance vehicle in the Model S before it fanned out to incorporate the Model X SUV and the more mass-advertise Model 3 car.

The Model Y speaks to the automaker’s fourth vehicle line and most recent dispatch. Delivery of the Model Y will start this month and clients have just begun accepting conveyance affirmations.

Teamwork makes the Tesla fantasy work.

Sooner rather than later, Tesla gives no indications of easing back down. The automaker opened its second vehicle creation office in Shanghai, China, prior this year that will deliver the Model 3 and Model Y.

Plans for a third plant are in progress for Germany, as well. The firm likewise still has the Tesla Semi in the pipeline. The Semi is a second-gen Roadster and the most advertised vehicle from the carmaker in quite a while, the Cybertruck.

The organization’s EV strength comes when heritage automakers have started to pay attention to the EV showcase, particularly in China and Europe.

Before long, Tesla will have various adversaries to duke it out with, however so far no organization has verged on catching even a cut of Tesla’s store.


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